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Mental Health Outpatient Services

woman-journalingThe philosophy of Mental Health Outpatient Services is to assess mental health needs, to facilitate mental health, growth and healing, and to interrupt mental, emotional and behavioral problems that impair life.  We strive to improve the level and quality of individual and family functioning in daily living, learning, work and social environments.  Mental Health Outpatient services are designed to empower the client, enhancing independence, self-sufficiency, and self esteem.  Mental Health Outpatient will provide training, psycho education groups and workshops for education and prevention.

The population served will be individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages. Services will be provided to individuals, families or groups who are motivated for treatment or court ordered and are compliant with attendance, treatment objective and facility policy, and who are capable of benefiting form outpatient services. This program serves specific populations that are part of the Violence Intervention program to include such component programs as Batterer's Intervention Program, Anger Management for men or women, the Sex Offender Program, and Survivor Services.  For more information on these groups, please refer to the bottom on this page.

Mental Health Outpatient services will be provided at:  Chautauqua Healthcare Services in DeFuniak Springs.  Mental Health Outpatient services will provide smooth orderly and effective entry into the program and its components.  Mental Health Outpatient services will be responsive to emergent, urgent and routine access.  Services will be provided in traditional outpatient office settings or on site locations via contractual services.  Care will begin through an assessment process to determine the need for care, the type of care to provide and the need for any further assessment Mental Health Outpatient services may conduct a continuum of assessment services; beginning with a triage or a face to face screening.   The assessment process may identify an individual’s needs as well as identifying precipitating factors.

Treatment interventions at Mental Health Outpatient Services may include assessments, consultation, psycho-education, psychotherapy or other counseling.  Treatment will include individual sessions, couples sessions, family sessions, or group sessions.

Batterer’s Intervention Program

Violence Intervention Program

Victims of Domestic Violence

Victims of Sexual Assault

Women’s Violence Intervention Group

Men’s Anger Management

Community Outreach Prevention Presentations


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