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Chautauqua Healthcare Services is dedicated to the improvement of our communities in Walton County.  One of the most evident ways this is accomplished is through our community and school based prevention programs, which represent Chautauqua Healthcare Services' participation in both state-wide and national movements to address substance abuse before it begins or in its earliest stages.  Prevention is a broad term used to incorporate all aspects of an individual that help to reduce their risk of using drugs.  It begins with parents and is strengthened through our efforts.  Our prevention programs have evolved through years of evaluating the effectiveness of each program. 

Today our programs incorporate proven aspects of decision-making, social bonding and emotional expression to encourage children and youth to make personalized decisions about avoiding drug use, by using strategies focused on the specific risk factors of each child through Science-based Curriculums.  Risk factors are certain aspects that increase the likelihood that a child/youth will try drugs.  Many of these items are brought about by the child/youth themselves or a function of their environment.  We strengthen the positive aspects children/youth have through themselves, school, peers, and family to make it less likely they will begin using drugs.  Chautauqua Healthcare Services facilitates a network of prevention programs in Walton County schools:


Middle School:  STAR



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