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STAR Program

What is STAR?

Students Taking Active Responsibility

The STAR program will positively affect the substance abuse problems in Walton
County by striving to prevent the initiation of smoking cigarettes, reduce the use of
alcohol and heavy drinking, reduce marijuana use, reduce multiple drug use, reduce
both short-term and long-term substance abuse, and decrease the use of inhalants,
narcotics, and hallucinogens by providing students with the necessary skills to resist
social (peer) pressure to use drugs, to develop greater self-esteem, self-mastery, and
self-confidence, to cope with social anxiety, to increase their knowledge of the
consequences of substance abuse, and to make them cognitively and behaviorally
competent to avoid high risk behaviors. STAR is a preventative program and is
designed to reach children BEFORE they are engaged in substance.  

Students attend STAR classes at scheduled intervals throughout the school year at designated Walton County School sites. The topics covered during STAR classes including the following:

  • drug and alcohol education
  • making wise choices
  • taking responsibility for actions
  • decision-making
  • conflict resolution
  • violence prevention
  • peer pressure
  • self-esteem
  • communication skills
  • healthy lifestyles

The STAR Program originated at Walton Middle School in 1985. The goal of the STAR program is to reduce the likelihood of children becoming involved in drugs and violence. The prevention programs focus on promoting healthy lifestyles.

Adolescents who are at risk for substance abuse problems, coping with stress, communicating with parents and exhibiting a low self esteem. STAR offers these support services and can link you to other services when available.

Tutoring: Is offered during the school day as a students schedule will allow where STAR Prevention Services are provided.
Parent Education: Educational programs are set up for the parents through prevention services and through distribution of materials, parent programs, community projects and school functions.

STAR Summer Program: Prevention services are provided throughout the Summer at participating sites in the community. The summer program emphasizes prevention activities, community outreach projects and community education.

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