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Specialized Children's Services

Specialized Children's programs are an integral component of the continuum of services offered by Chautauqua Healthcare Services. The services provided encompass a broad range of evaluation and treatment areas. These services are designed to assist children and the families of children with severe emotional disturbances in achieving the highest level of functioning possible and maintaining their placements in the least restrictive environment possible. The services complement the less restrictive mental health outpatient services. The basic program areas are Intensive Therapeutic On-Site Services, Home & Community Based Rehab Services, Department of Children and Families Child Abuse Treatment, and Mental Health Rehabilitation/Day Treatment. All three areas are also encompassed within the Mobile Intervention Team.

It is the philosophy of the Specialized Children's Services Department to provide quality, individualized mental health services to emotionally disturbed children and their families. Through intensive, community-based, trans-disciplinary treatment, children with serious emotional disturbances can avoid the need for more restrictive residential and/or educational placements. Client and family "empowerment" is maximized to increase functioning levels, self reliance, self esteem and dignity.
In order to participate in the Specialized Children's Services program a child must be:
  • Age birth to 17 (or up to 21 if enrolled as a full time student in school)
  • Enrolled in a special education program for the seriously emotionally disturbed (SED) or emotionally handicapped; OR
  • Exhibits a significant impairment and level of functioning which without in-home or on-site intervention will require more intensive, restrictive and costly services.
  • Parent/Caregiver commits to regular participation in children's Intensive Therapeutic On-Site/Home and Community Based Rehabilitation services
Services are designed to provide intensive on-site and in-home treatment to severely emotionally disturbed children and their families, and screening and evaluation of those children suspected of having severe emotional disturbances and may include:
  • Intensive Therapeutic On-Site: Children's mental health counseling services are provided to children and their families, both in the home and in appropriate community settings.
  • Home and Community Based Rehabilitation: These services involves a worker providing intensive individualized services in the home and in the community, to children and their families which are receiving Intensive Therapeutic On-Site services.


An appointment for these services can be scheduled by calling Chautauqua Healthcare Services Outpatient Office at (850) 892-8045 during regular office hours.


All services provided and all client records are strictly confidential to the extent allowed by law and accessible only to staff members who use the records for treatment or review. Information about clients is not released unless a signed release is obtained from the client or otherwise required by law.


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