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Therapeutic Foster Home

(Professional Therapeutic Foster Parents)
The PATH Program is unique in every way.

First, each home is a licensed Level II Therapeutic Foster Home. These are professional Foster Homes requiring a higher standard of care.

Second, COPE will Identify and Prepare the highest quality couples and homes for this unique program. Professional Foster Parents will be provided an intensive professional development program to prepare them for the stringent requirements of special needs children.

Finally, the children are special needs children. A special needs child has unique emotional and physical needs which requires professional training, special nurturing and professional behavior management. Each home will be limited to two beds with the goal of placing one child in each home.
Professional Compensation

Professional Therapeutic Foster Parents are not only highly trained, but are highly paid. This is a professional position with higher expectations than traditional foster care programs. Our Professional Foster Parents will be compensated at a daily rate of $43.75 per day from COPE and a monthly board rate from the state. When computed on an annual bases (a child in the home every day of the year), the reimbursement rate exceeds most full time employment salaries, and in most cases, the couple can maintain their present employment.

We feel there can be no better investment in the future than the investment we make in children of our community, and we are currently recruiting and selecting prospective families for our rewarding and successful program.

Another benefit is much, if not all, of the reimbursement is tax free and the additional respite and emergency bed has the ability to make additional part time income when a second child is in the home on a short term or emergency bases. The Professional Foster Parents receive 8 days a year paid respite with additional (none overnight) respite available.

Professional Support

Each Professional Foster Home will be assigned a Mental Health Professional who specializes in the treatment of the unique emotional and behavioral needs of the children. A para-professional counselor will also be assigned to each home to assist with day-to-day needs including paper work, as well as a case manager and behavioral technician if needed. Other services available to the Professional Foster Parent are Family Therapy, Individualized Behavior Modification Programs, respite relief, transportation assistance and Psychiatric Services (for the child). We are here to serve you and your needs.

Professional Experience

COPE has served Walton County's Mental Health needs for over 30 years.
For a personal interview, call:
Becky Tillman
PATH Licensing Specialist
(850) 892-8045


850-892-HELP (4357) or 850-267-2220 in South Walton

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