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Substance Abuse - Outpatient

Chautauqua Healthcare Services provides two programs -

    1. Substance Abuse Outpatient:

      The Substance Abuse Outpatient is a structured outpatient therapeutic environment providing both day and evening services.  The program provides a range of services which include education, assessment, rehabilitation, treatment services.  Treatment can include group, individual, and family therapy.  Individuals who have been identified or assessed as having substance abuse problems are provided short-term counseling designed to have the client recognize the problematic effects of substance abuse.  This approach is also used with those significant others who have a need to deal effectively with the substance abuser.

      This can be accomplished through educational material, AA/NA, and other intervention groups which deal effectively with the problems and causes underlying the abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Short-term counseling also aids in identifying clients who may need additional or more restrictive treatment.

    2. Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient:

      The Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment is available for those consumer who may be working, living in a supportive, stable environment, able to participate in community support systems and have not progressed in the addictive process to a point where more restrictive treatment is necessary.  This level of care offers a highly structured schedule of treatment consisting of two days or evenings per week for two hours session along with necessary support group participation.  There is significantly less disruption of work schedules, home life and community involvement at this level of care.

Substance Abuse

We understand the need for specialized treatment approaches for adults with substance abuse problems.  That's why our Outpatient Programs are specifically tailored to address the unique treatment issues of adults with substance abuse problems.

 The programs are flexible because we conduct sessions during the evenings hours which allow the consumer to receive services without interfering with most job and family responsibilities.

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